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Hetkinen... / Just a moment...

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Collective exhibition of Vadelma Ry (Visual Art and Live music Assocation)

in Hirvitalo, the Center of Contemporary Art in Pispala, Tampere.

In August 2020

When Hirvitalo offered us a one week time to make the exhibition, we gratefully accepted the chance and decided to rapidly construct a momentary, multidiscipline, cross-border exhibition, including paintings, live music, performances, sound art, jewellery, photography and a radio broadcast happening on air around the Hirvitalo. It was like a dashing wave over the place. People from our group were camping next to Hirvitalo and organizing workshops during the exhibition. The time was prolonged and in the end the exhibition-happening lasted for two weeks.

My contribution for this multi disciplinary show was a sound art piece, which you can hear here:

Another work of art was "The Unfinished portrait". The idea behind the unfinished portrait is about the concept of time and timelessness. The whole concept of our exhibition was related with time, and then I came up with this painting as an unfinished process. When the painting is ready, the time stops. In the beginning I brought an empty canvas and oil colors, materials to work with. I stayed over the night in the gallery and painted during the exhibition.

The unfinished portrait, 2020. Above: Prince with triangle eyebrows, 2017.

I hung my paintings in an installation like whole with some decorated frames, using staple gun to tack canvas directly on the wall, feeling like home in the punk atmosphere of Hirvitalo, where you have some space for unconventionality. After all our exhibition was just a "Hetkinen...", a moment.

Instrumental Compositions, I, II, III (2019)

It wasn't a plan to occupy one whole room for my paintings, but when we were working on the hanging with my artist friends Eetu and Sisko, they proposed me to take over the whole room, and hang there also "Instrumental compositions I, II and III", which I had took with me just in case. In fact, it was discussing with the time theme as well, since music happens to be an art form in the dimension of time - unlike paintings usually do. Those paintings were presented next to the sound art piece and fitted in well. After all, Vadelma association is a crowd of visual artists and musicians and the whole idea of the group is to broaden the spectrum of different art forms.

The exhibition also included two of my very rare (RARE!) abstract paintings. The framed one is titled "Chaos under control" (2018) and the other one, which is not even streched, is called "Mother Earth" (2018).

Chaos under control (Hallittu kaaos), 2018.

Mother Earth, oil on canvas 2018

Because the name of the place is Hirvitalo, Moose House, I had to present also the painting titled Moose Man (2018). It found the place in the downstairs accompanied with Sisko Pajari's paintings (who also shared a post about our exhibition in her home page)

Thank you Hirvitalo and the crew! It was so nice to visit you again!

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