SINCE 1981

Susanna Salama is a visual artist and a teacher of art, living in Porvoo, Finland. Her main medium is oil painting. 

Her motifs are often classical; portrait, landscape or still life. 

In the other end there are surrealistic works accompanied with symbolic meanings and personal stories.

Her inspirations arise from love of music and nature. 

Salama means

a lightning in finnish. 


Entrance examination

Last week I was in the entrance examination for Aalto University, as I aim to study yet another degree to become a qualified teacher of art. The exams were really tough. Basically during all the examination we were contemplating Jonna Kinas artwork "Arr. for a scene" (2017). In question is a video, where we can look at two foley-artists making sounds for a well known scene in the movie history, "the shower scene" of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. Therefore the starting point is a bit creepy. Before the examination we had to write an essay about Kina's artwork. In my essay I talked about realization, illusion, multisensory experience and concealed thoughts. Also, I got back pondering the same que

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