SINCE 1981

Susanna Salama is a visual artist and a teacher of art, living in Porvoo, Finland. Her main medium is oil painting. 

Her motifs are often classical; portrait, landscape or still life. 

In the other end there are surrealistic works accompanied with symbolic meanings and personal stories.

Her inspirations arise from love of music and nature. 

Salama means

a lightning in finnish. 


Painting found a home!

My friend got the portrait of John Coltrane for herself a s a graduation present, and today it stands proudly above the piano! I'm very happy to see how my painting has found a good home where it's taken care of and loved. Another one of my paintings is in their kitchen. It's a live model painting from 2011, I supposed. It's painted in the classroom of Estonian academy of art. The kids of my friend are questioning, whether the man in the painting is actually sitting in a sauna, or in a cave, because the floor seems to be wet.

"For the music" with AJ Friman

Exhibition in Aatos Gallery, Porvoo, Finland. (Kaivokatu 37 B) 1st March - 30th March 2019. In march 2019 me and my spouse had lived in Porvoo for 7 months and this was our first exhibition together, titled "For the Music - Musiikin tähden", in Aatos Gallery. This small exhibition presented works from earlier years. Themes were connected with music and especially jazz music. I showed three oil paintings and Antti Friman ( showed three 3D-mixed media artworks. On the opening night we played together improvised free jazz music. #exhibition #art #instruments #musicians #jazzmusic #oilpainting

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