SINCE 1981

Susanna Salama is a visual artist and a teacher of art, living in Porvoo, Finland. Her main medium is oil painting. 

Her motifs are often classical; portrait, landscape or still life. 

In the other end there are surrealistic works accompanied with symbolic meanings and personal stories.

Her inspirations arise from love of music and nature. 

Salama means

a lightning in finnish. 


Back to the roots

At the very moment, my latest paintings are hanging in my hometown, in the gallery Palkki next to the new library of Palokka. The title of the exhibition - including also two other artists coming from the same town - is "Roots in Palokka". The other two artists showing their work are Marja Patrikainen and Päivi Hintsanen. I like the idea of bringing my art close to the people. This exhibition is held very next to a public library, so people are passing the gallery on their way and will be exposed to art all of a sudden! In this exhibition, most paintings are painted 2016-2017 in the old wallpaper factory in Tapanila, Helsinki. That is; Milko's portrait, my self portrait "in existential pain"

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