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Back to the roots

At the very moment, my latest paintings are hanging in my hometown, in the gallery Palkki next to the new library of Palokka. The title of the exhibition - including also two other artists coming from the same town - is "Roots in Palokka". The other two artists showing their work are Marja Patrikainen and Päivi Hintsanen.

Etching (upper left corner) "Angel" (2001), woodcut "Timer" (2003) and still life "Things are not so black and white" (mixed media, 2016)

I like the idea of bringing my art close to the people. This exhibition is held very next to a public library, so people are passing the gallery on their way and will be exposed to art all of a sudden!

In this exhibition, most paintings are painted 2016-2017 in the old wallpaper factory in Tapanila, Helsinki. That is; Milko's portrait, my self portrait "in existential pain", the still life "Things are not so black and white" and the two psychedelic lake views, "Mindscape" and "One peculiar evening by the lake". Considering, that the exhibition is in my home town, the lake views suit perfectly. Also, I included in the exhibition two old graphic sheets; woodcut "Timer" (2003) and etching "Angel" (2001).

Odd evening by the lake and Mindscape (oil on canvas 2017)

Palokka is the place where I spent my teenage years. Back then, in my youth, I had a lot of trouble in the school. I was teased very heavily and showing symptoms of it by bad behavior and skipping school. Basically I was attending only visual arts and sports classes. The teachers of those subjects were teachers I could trust, they were actually the only ones supporting me and recognizing my talents. My old art teacher gave a touching speech in the exhibition, which again encouraged me to continue on the way, that has been always an obvious choice for me. To paint and never stop. No matter what the rest of the world thinks about it.

Milko (on left) and Self portrait (oil on canvas, 2017)

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