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Tiloissa - In spaces - Helsinki

As I have been an active part of cultural association Vadelma ry, I was engaged in organizing this very special event in the Helsinki City Museum in 2020-2021. We had a great chance to build up our own installation-like space in the exhibition "Tiloissa" ("In spaces"). The exhibition was introducing different underground culture places in Helsinki. More about the exhibition (in finnish) is to be found here.

The room was meant to be a reproduction of the cultural space we had in Lönnrotinkatu, Helsinki, in 2005-2007. My part was to prepare a photo album which was presented on the table (I went through archives and collected photos, then composed them along with the text and placed them on the album by hand) and also attended to paint the walls. (Yes, the painted hand is mine).

In Vadelma's happenings we often had a thing called collective painting. Everyone was free to attend. I really enjoyed back then watching people to stop by the painting wall, crabbing a brush and starting to paint. Everyone enjoyed like a child, and of course the children were painting too. So, we prepared again a collective painting.

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