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Oh look, a fly! (Landscape from Petäjävesi, our summer cottage. Soft pastel drawing, 2021.)

"Salainen paikka" ("Secret place"), landscape from Petäjävesi. Soft pastel drawing, 2021.

Landscape from Sikilä, Porvoo. Soft pastel drawing, 2021.

This very modest attempt to make a small exhibition in the entrance hall of adult education center, where I am working, ended up to be a great success! First of all, I spent my summer looking forward for the next chance to sit down with my soft pastels and make a drawing. "Impressions" title implies to works, that are made "in the moment", kind of impressions of the nature or live model. All works included in this small exhibition are landscapes painted outdoors or sketches made of live model. No reference photos were used.

I added some landscape oil paintings from the earlier years to accompany the soft pastel drawings I had made during the summer. And one croquis sketch made with ink. In the opening already 5 works found a new home.

I fell in love with working outside and plan to become a field landscape painter when I grow up, possibly in the style of Van Gogh.

I discovered also, that here and there it's possible to find a moment for painting, leaving the house earlier, and stopping on the on the way to work by the field, or evening time at the summer cottage, when baby is asleep... You will find the time.

Croquis, 2min. Ink on paper, 2020.

Vincent sleeping, 2021. (Two years old)

From left to right; Lover in Kråkö, Vincent's father, Vincent sleeping (1 year old), aquarelle, 2020, Vincent sleeping (2 year old), soft pastel, 2021.

On the left, 2 views from Porvoo old town.

In the middle, landscape from Emäsalo. On the right, field landscape in Sikilä, Porvoo.

Karikkoselkä, meteoriittijärvi, Petäjävesi. Sunset landscape, 2016, oil on board.

On the left; Abborsjö, Askola (aquarelle, 2020) and Hankakoski, Petäjävesi (oil on board, 2016)

On the right; view from summer cottage, Petäjävesi, 2016.

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