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The portrait of Mikko Innanen (2019) and "Selfie" (2018).

I just noticed I haven't posted anything about our latest exhibition "Alpha & Omega" in Taidetehdas, Porvoo, 2019. The year with the baby has been taking my time and energy and days are passing so quickly!

This was the second exhibition we made together with my previous life partner AJ. As in those days it was already a question, whether our ways are still going on together or not, the title of the exhibition, Alpha & Omega was giving a hint. It was already then over, and we both knew it. After all, together we did produce one unique piece of art, our lovely son Vincent, who we both love very much. This exhibition was in Porvoo, Finland in September 2019.

The concept was to bring together our works that deal with themes of dualism and approach the discussion with surrealistic means. That is basically what is in common in our works. However in the last moment we changed the original plan of hanging and excluded some of my works. Have to say, that the hanging looked better that way, less is more... And the whole thing was more coherent, although we did exclude the paintings that actually discussed the themes we promised in the exhibition text... Dream like images and dualistic comments on life. There appeared to be more focus on my music-related paintings, than it was in the original plan, but in the end I think this exhibition was great! I was showing mostly my previous works, because the current life situation doesn't really allow producing a plenty of new ones (that day will come, I promise!), but there was some new ones as well. Most of the paintings were unseen, even they were painted in between 2017-2019. Mikko Innanen portrait was still wet and I placed it on the wall drying, just as it is proper to do in the vernissage.

It was also an unique chance for the jazz musician Iro Haarla to meet her portrait live for the first time, as they had a concert in Porvoo in September. She is greatly inspiring character for me and her portrait was painted in 2013 as a part of my master's thesis exhibition "Encounters of Visual art and Music".

Me with Iro Haarla, September 2019 in Porvoo, and the portrait of Iro Haarla, 2013, oil on canvas.

The surrealistic wall. "View from Paris" (2018-19), "Celestial Kiss" (2017-18) and "Kirahvipuita" (2019).

With AJ Friman.

View of the exhibition hall. Portrait of Mikko Innanen (2019) on the left.

Detail of the portrait of Mikko Innanen.

Wiev from the exhibition hall.

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