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Pärnu Fotofest 2021


Pärnu City Gallery, Estonia


What has corona time brought to your life? Well, I have been for example distance-teaching and making my very first drawing tutorials, but also attending a photography exhibition in Pärnu, Estonia, without moving an inch from the place where I live! I just edited the photos and sent them with email - the curators took care of printing, framing and hanging the photos. Not that I would have loved to go the the opening... But traveling during the corona restrictions could have been a headache and also, I have a small kid to take care of, so small, that we are still quite inseparable.

"As houses can be seen as a symbol of our mind, abandoned houses are depicting the emptiness I have felt inside during the previous autumn and winter time. They are desolated, abandoned and lonely. Photos are shot in between years 2012-2017 in various locations and collected as a series specially for this exhibition."

Abandoned 4

And what more the corona winter gave to me was an overdose of solitude. I went through heavy emotions and even depression. When I was invited to this exhibition and went through my archives knowing, that I will not have time to make miracles, I suddenly realized that I have been taking photos of abandoned houses for years.

Abandoned 1

One colored photo was projected on the wall. “Reflection of momentary joy” is a combination of two photos, two different worlds. The background photo is from my studio in Polymer, Tallinn, winter 2012. In the soap bubble - if we look closely enough - we can see a reflection of two people. It’s a beautiful summer evening and they are having fun. The fleeting moment is like a soap bubble. This photo is about memories, about dualism and temporality - how to live in a moment, while the joy as well as pain is temporary.


I was surprised and impressed when I saw the photos of the exhibition. The curators managed to add dramatic light on the photos - and in a qualified and professional exhibition - they didn't look bad at all.

Pärnu City Gallery

Pärnu City Gallery

Pärnu City Gallery

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